I’m Mark Thorley an independent personal trainer with a passion to help men and women in their 30’s, 40’s & 50’s on their personal journey to lifelong health & fitness without losing sight that this is supposed to be a fun process!

For both men and women as you get older your career progresses life becomes more complicated with longer hours plus possible work travel, you start a family meaning your free time is limited and also precious.

Unfortunately, this can have an effect on your health and fitness, your exercise becomes sporadic or even stops and your food choices may not be the best.  Suddenly you find that this has had a major toll on your waistline, energy or lack of, stress levels, mindset and ultimately your health.

I had my own transformation in 2010 when I was 39.  I had that moment where you say to yourself that’s it!!! I must clean up my act, I feel uncomfortable in my own body and this needs to change NOW! I did go dramatic and dropped 14kg, from 94 to 8okg in 60 days, not something you can sustain long term but I’m now 46 and 84kg hold more muscle and can sustain this level, although this spring/summer I’m going to cut body fat.

This change in my life made me become a personal trainer, coach and mentor, I know how it feels, I understand the difficulties.

Crede : from the Latin Verb, Credere – meaning, to give trust or believe, to have trust or belief for.

My aim is to help you bridge the gap from struggling to find time and motivation to exercise, to being constant, energised and eager. I use my M.E.A.N. method to guide you to regaining your fitness and body;

  • M for Mindset (Success starts in your head, feeling calm, positive, focused, motivated, ready for the new challenges and goals that lay ahead.  This comes from positive thinking and taking actions daily, little steps that suddenly become a giant leap!!)
  • E for Exercise (receiving guidance and direction, using the right exercises for your goal, different techniques to keep it fresh, interesting and fun)
  • A for Accountability (accountable to me and to yourself, hand in hand with staying consistent every day with food choices and exercise plan)
  • N for Nutrition (changing habits step by step within 2 to 3 months the changes build and the results become evident)

My program and sessions are designed to create change by challenging your muscles and fitness level but building up from your fitness and skill level.

I use techniques that you may not use currently but will change the way you train for the better but making it a simple as possible to follow.

There is no need to overcomplicate things, just change it up, I keep it simple and straightforward…….You want change……you want to be a better you, fitter, stronger, leaner, looking and feeling amazing.

A Bit More About Me

My days of playing Football are over but I love to watch, I’m a big F1 fan and try to go to a race every year and Skiing as much as possible during the winter.

I like my coffee, like a good beer, a glass of wine and an evening meal/BBQ with friends and family.

That’s enough about me, I want to hear from you and see how I can help with your fitness goal, call me on 078 917 47 71 or email mark@credefitness.com

Commit To Your success.